AI to empower Fund Managers

We help Asset Managers to treat their financial and extra-financial data in order to gain productivity and quality in the investment decision


A smart search engine, plugged with your data sources

Search. Find. Instantly.
Leverage AI and NLP search technology to uncover relevant data within millions of documents
Less cognitive biases. More returns. 
You choose your axis of analysis. Our software takes care of filtering your universe of data, without biases.
Focus on your added-value.
No more time-consuming "control+f" and mindless copy-pasting. No more manual data cleansing. Thanks to our software, tasks that took days or weeks now take seconds.

Get insights from your data sources

Our algorithms are trained to treat financial and extra-financial data. Our work is to read /  classify / select / agregate each piece of information among your data sources. So that you can focus on your analysing job. 

You don't have time to read your +400 daily emails ? Our algorithms ensure you don't miss any crucial information for your investment decisions
ESG Criteria
You know how much complex it can be extract the relevant ESG data from multiple sources. That's why our algorithms help you in doing so. From the annual report, MSCI or Sustanainalytics, we select the key data matching your scoring dimensions
API Bloomberg
We are plugged with your Bloomberg Terminal, in order to give view a global filtered view of financial and extra-financial data
The research provided by brokers costs annualy hundred k euros, and yet, most asset managers don't have time to read it all. Our solution will ensure that you don't miss anything
"If there is one industry that would greatly benefit from the genuine adoption of artificial intelligence, it is investment management"
Angelo Calvello, co-founder Blue Diamond Asset Management

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Our Team

Hugo has 8 years of experience in the finance sector, as an investment analyst in hedge funds, then researcher in Quantitative Finance and Econometrics
Dr. Hugo Pascail,
Chief Science Officer
JR is an entrepreneur. He launched his first startup just after graduating ESSEC. He has worked for the past 6 years on web and Artificial Intelligence projects
Jean-Régis de Vauplane,
Syrine graduated from ENSTA and Polytechnique in Data Science. She worked on various NLP projects with Institut Louis Bachelier first, then Recital startup
Syrine Cheriaa,
Data Scientist
Allan is a 6 years-experienced full stack developer. He previously was CTO of Japhy
Allan Bruyère,
Serial Entrepreneur, 6 ans d'expérience en projets d'Intelligence Artificielle
Jean-Régis de Vauplane, CEO
8 ans d'expérience en finance de marché, en tant qu'analyste investissement equity, puis chercheur en économétrie
Hugo Pascail, Chief Science Officer
6 ans d'expérience en développements de projets web, ex-CTO de Japhy
Allan Bruyère, CTO
Spécialiste des problématiques en NLP et OCR appliquée à la finance
Syrine Cheriaa, Data Scientist